Clavicula Hook Locking Plate

This plate is designed to be used for treatment of sternoclavicular
dislocation and distal clavicula fractures. It is designed to
anatomically fit the distal clavicula.
This plate has the feature of multi-axial screw holes.


Material: Made of certified Titanium Eli alloy.

Thickness: 2.5mm

Diaphyseal Width: 11.0mm

Metaphyseal Width: 20.0mm


Ø2.7mm non-locking cortical screw

Ø2.7mm locking cortical screw

Ø3.5mm non-locking cortical screw

Ø3.5mm locking cortical screw

Ø4.0mm Cancellous screw

Ref. No


  Ref.No.TI(Right)  Ref.No.TI(Left)  
3  D02T.115R103  D02T.115L103  
4  D02T.115R104  D02T.115L104  
5  D02T.115R105  D02T.115L105  
6  D02T.115R106  D02T.115L106  
7  D02T.115R107  D02T.115L107